EADAG Meeting 6 – Minutes and papers

Minutes, papers and presentations from the sixth meeting of the Environment Agency Data Advisory Group, held on 11th February 2016:


EADAG Meeting 2 minutes and papers

Minutes and papers from the second  meeting of the Environment Agency Data Advisory Group, held on 16th December 2014.

Agenda (open-document format) | Minutes (open-document format).

Papers: Item3 – 16th December Data Advisory Group – Toby Draft Slides (pdf) | Item4 – Chris Jarvis – DSP slides for DAG (pdf) | Item5 – EA Open Data publication mechanism and formats (pdf) | Item6 – EADAG-priorities (pdf) and Item6 SUMMARY-EA_Prioritised_List_Open_Data_Phase 1 (Excel) | Item7 – Sensitive data T&F group

“Environmental data surge” article on UK Authority

UK Authority article on the group, and recent release of the risk of flooding datasets http://www.ukauthority.com/news/5101/environmental-data-surge-leads-to-market-innovation

“The Environment Agency is moving in the right direction, but now you need to look at what are the priorities for releasing data that will have most impact externally; how do we ensure we release data that will encourage innovation and social good rather than just the easy low hanging fruit; and can we release data that in turn helps the agency deliver its outcomes to improve the environment?”

Sharing our data on flooding

Blog on open data release of Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea data, and properties and postcodes at risk of flooding https://environmentagency.blog.gov.uk/2014/12/16/sharing-our-data-on-flooding/

” We hope that removing cost barriers to our data through Open Data will create more opportunities for developers to create web and mobile applications for businesses and the public to help local communities understand their local environment and better protect themselves from flood risk … Making these datasets Open will allow users access free of charge, even for commercial use; enabling local communities to use our data to better protect themselves from the risk of flooding”

Helping us make the most of our information

Blog announcing the launch and first meeting of the Environment Agency Data Advisory Group from Miranda Kavanagh, Executive Director of Evidence https://environmentagency.blog.gov.uk/2014/11/17/helping-us-make-the-most-of-our-information/

” A vital part of our approach to opening up our data is to establish an advisory group of users of our data … The group will be chaired and run independently of the Environment Agency, to give us a unique and different perspective on our data and help us understand how it may be useful to others. The group will have a direct influence on what we do in the future around data publishing. We are keen that the group helps us become more customer focused when we are planning and commissioning data. “